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SIM Card Data Salvage Tool

Freeware SIM card data restoration tool requires minute time for that valuable data which
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2 September 2008

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Our reliability on mobile phones is increasing exponentially for attaining various day-to-day goals of life. From capturing images to sending emails, mobile has brought a paradigm shift in modern working patterns. We tend to store everything on those small-sized SIM cards, to access them anywhere, anytime. So, any sort of problem related to these SIM cards can cause all kinds of troubles to us, as you loose the data stored with the SIM like contacts, messages, card identification, etc. The problem has been largely resolved with the introduction of data recovery applications that recovers all the data from the corrupted SIM cards. One such application is SIM Card Data Salvage Tool that is capable of recovering the lost data from the SIM cards, such as, deleted contact list, inbox, sent item, outbox, draft, saved reminders, text messages, picture messages, dialed, missed, received calls, etc. The application just requires the PC/SC or phoenix technology standards based Card Reader device to be attached to the PC or laptop.

SIM Card Data Salvage Tool performs the data recovery process with expertise and provides you with comprehensive options to recover the SIM data. When you want to recover the data, first you need to connect to the SIM. To establish the connection, first you need to make the selection of the USB Card Reader device, which either follows PC/SC or Phoenix technology standards. When the program has detected the SIM card, you can carry out the scanning process for the data recovery. The different item list relating to the SIM card is shown at the left pane, and each item’s containing folders and files are displayed on the right for the viewing convenience of the users. The categorized items listed with the program are SMS (Text Messages), Phone Book Number, Last Dialed Number, Fixed Dialed Number, Service Provider Name, Card Identification, Location and IMSI. The searched files are listed for the users, and they can easily make the selection of the file they want to get recovered. You can easily save the resulting files to the desired location.

The SIM Card Data Salvage Tool application supports different functions like repairing the unreadable and encrypted data, prepare reports, recover and restore data, with ease. The program serves as a remarkable recovery tool that minimizes our worries about the accidental data loss from the SIM cards, and hence rated with 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

SIM card data salvage tool proves to be the best downloadable software that can fetch all mobile phone simcard lost details. Blocked SIM card data restoration software provides reading and scanning of your inaccessible SIM card and recovers the lost forensic information which includes deleted contact name list, draft, inbox, outbox, saved reminders, sent item, picture messages, text messages, missed, dialed, received call history, call duration etc. Simcard information recovery software just requires help of phoenix type or PC/SC standards based USB card reader which can easily be attached to any PC or laptop. 3G compatible simcard recovery software simply designed to reclaim your all important information saved in your GSM based mobile phone of any country or any network. Deleted Simcard SMS reader utility just requires your system to be equipped with any of windows based operating systems such as 98, XP, 2000, 2003, NT, ME and Vista. Simcard reader software can also support repair of encrypted and unreadable text data that is lost due to virus attack. SIM card message recovery solution can generate printable reports of recovered data. Features: * Download Simcard data restorer tool for the retrieval of all lost information contained by your mobile phone. * Utility retrieves all your saved contacts names, inbox, outboxes, drafts messages etc. *USB Simcard reader manager tool supports all SIM readers of any manufactures. * Tool reliably handles sim card of any country with easy to use and convenient manner. * Utility comes with inbuilt help manual, so that user doesn’t have to worry about its working details.
SIM Card Data Salvage Tool
SIM Card Data Salvage Tool
Version 3.0.1
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